The Houston food truck scene embodies community

By Tara Scott-Johnson, Trulia

Choosing the right neighborhood for you can be difficult, especially with a variety of different neighborhoods and homes in Houston. But whether you’re looking to buy or rent in Houston, big factors to consider include a great location, good neighbors, strong community, and delicious close-by food. The food truck scene has become an integral part of many neighborhoods, and by extension, part of the community.

One of the most popular food truck families in Houston is Houston Hots. For several years, their four award-winning food trucks have been serving up unique eats in Houston. Additionally, all four food trucks are available to cater neighborhood parties and the community’s special events.

Let’s meet the Houston Hots family…

Golden Grill – “Hot cheesy goodness.” Serving up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and other treats including specialty tater tots, tomato soup, desserts, and more. While a favorite on the UH campus and Midtown areas, Golden Grill is on hiatus until the end of the year.

Koagie Hots – “Cheesesteak and hot dog heaven.” Koagie Hots is a Korean influenced food truck serving cheesesteaks, hot dogs, and much more throughout the Houston area. Find Koagie Hots at their regular late night spot located at 1424 Westheimer Road.

Coreanos – “Mexican cuisine with Korean in between.” Another UH campus favorite, Coreanos was rated as one of the top 101 Food Trucks of America. Coreanos is a Mexican/Korean food truck serving up Korean BBQ burritos and tacos in Houston.

The Burger Joint – “Not just a food truck anymore.” While the food truck delivers 100% angus beef burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes to Houston neighborhoods, The Burger Joint’s new brick and mortar restaurant, located at 2703 Melrose Avenue, is open daily and serves up the full menu until 4 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

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